Diamond Invinitive Edge Pro Cable damaged

After ordering a Diamond Infinitive Edge Pro bow in left hand configuration, I got a bow that only seemed to be a left hand bow. The riser definitely was a left hand one. One thing that might be a clue was that I had the scope was way of from being adjusted vertically. Even after adjusting the scope to the lowest possible position, I had to aim with its lower part at a distance of just 20 meters.
After 300 shots, the cables showed first damage. The outer protection was destroyed where the cables were touching each other or the cam discs.

As a bow novice, I first thought that the cables were not made properly. Maybe this is normal if you use the bow intensively?
But then I tried to think how I could improve the setup so that the cables would not glide over the sharp cam edge any more. First I routed one cable over the shock absorber. The I started to design and 3d print a small plastic roller to reduce the friction. Then I suddenly realized that it makes much more sense to exchange the arms to get the cam modules on the left instead of right side of the cam wheels. This immediately solves all cables problems. The bow is now much easier to draw, arrows are flying faster and the peepsight is higher. The scope now matches the target in its center position.

Most bows being sold seem to be right hand ones. One can assume that the people who assemble these bows are not familar with the left hand cabling and simply connect them the same way as usual.

So if you buy a left hand compound bow, double check it's cable configuration!

written by Gregor Rebel in Spring 2016

[svg, 32kB]
#001: Swapped Bow Cablings

[jpg, 3MB]
#002: Original Bow shown from left side has cables on right side of CAM discs

[jpg, 3MB]
#003: Cable damaged from constant contact with CAM disc

[jpg, 2MB]
#004: Arms exchanged Cables now start at left side of CAM discs

[jpg, 3MB]
#005: Arms exchanged Bow shown from right side now has cables on left side

[jpg, 1MB]
#006: Arms exchanged Cable touches CAM disc no more

[jpg, 2MB]
#007: Arms exchanged Cables damaged from contact in prior setup [left side of picture]